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5 tips to equip your organisation for remote working

The impact of the Covid-19 virus on companies in Europe is becoming increasingly serious. We are sure that your company already has contingency plans in place to minimise the risk to your employees and customers and keep your business running. To assist you we have developed 5 valuable tips on how the new ways of remote working can help you be prepared for the corona crisis.

1. Fully integrate home office staff with virtual workspaces.

With modern communication solutions that unify telephony, video, chat, desktop sharing and presence management within one interface, your employees can work efficiently and flexibly - regardless of time and location. Virtual workspaces can be quickly established via cloud-based subscription services, even for limited periods, and are thus easily accessible for home office workstations.


2. Use video calls to minimize travel.

The World Health Organisation recommends reducing travel, especially via public transport or air. With video telephony and video conferencing, you can still have face-to-face meetings with customers, partners, and employees. Plug-in HD cameras and Multipoint Control Units (MCU’s) that enable virtual control of media streams will enable you to expand capacities quickly and easily.

3. Reach your employees with emergency notifications

If you have a suspected or confirmed infection in your company, it may be necessary to notify all employees quickly and securely. With alerting solutions, you can pre-define these scenarios and, if necessary, distribute this information rapidly via all possible communication channels, from e-mail to a phone call to an SMS.


4. Set up sufficient VPN access

You should act now to ensure your employees can securely access internal company data from the home office by providing sufficient VPN access. Consider the impact of large numbers of people requiring access at the same time if they all have to work from home.

5. Do not forget IT security!

There are numerous free security tools on the market for collaboration and communication. However with many of these tools the necessary security levels cannot be guaranteed. Shadow IT also presents additional risks. It is extremely important therefore that you have the right safeguards in place to meet your responsibilities in relation to the secure storage of data – especially in an uncertain situation.


Trust the experts - talk to us!

Damovo works with the leading vendors to supply technologies that enable seamless connections - across people, processes and systems. We can advise you on the selection of the right solution that will work optimally with the components you use for corporate communications today - quickly and easily. We are all in the same situation and so have had to prepare ourselves too in the event that this crisis deepens.

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