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Your trust is important to us


Feedback from our customers, partners, and industry bodies is the most valuable input we can get in order to optimise our solutions and services portfolio.

We are proud to say that we are regularly honoured for our customer initiatives and partner engagement.

Convince yourself that we are the right partner for you and have a look at our awards.

TechData Award: Best Cisco Ice Breaker Partner

Avaya-Award 2018: "Partner of the Year"

Avaya Award: “Growth Partner of the Year 2017” (Switzerland)

Polycom Award “Partner of the Year 2017”

Techdata Award: Largest Retail Deal 2017

Techdata Award: Largest Cisco Meraki Deal 2017

Avaya Award 2017: Enterprise Team Engagement Partner of the Year

Avaya Award 2017: Full-Stack Partner of the Year

Cisco Award 2016: Solution Innovation Partner of the Year 2017

Avaya Award 2016: Partner of the Year – EU North 2016