You know how important a secure working environment is for your organisation. And your entire team is already adopting a cybersecurity mindset. But new threats emerge every day – as well as new tools and approaches to combat these threats. Staying ahead of these developments is essential to reduce risk and help your organisation grow.


This year, we’re leading the way in giving you the knowledge you need to keep your organisation secure.


Our Spotlight on Cybersecurity web session series started on January 27. Please find the recording below. Join us every month for a 40-minute web session, where we dive into some of the critical security challenges facing organisations today – and give you advice you can put into action immediately. Register for our web sessions right now:



Strengthening your cybersecurity approach

How do you strike the balance between purely technical and organisational security measures? What approach should you take? How can standards and frameworks help? And how do you measure your progress, and embed a culture of continuous improvement? We’ll explore these questions and more – including how a virtual CISO can help you to take control of cybersecurity in your organisation – in our next web session. Whether you’re a technician, information security officer or business leader, join us to develop your cybersecurity mindset.



An introduction to ISO 27001

In today’s increasingly digital world, the need for information security has never been greater. And while documentation in itself doesn’t keep us safe, it’s proof of our security objectives and regulatory processes. In this session, we’ll explore ISO 27001, the internationally recognised standard for information security. We’ll start with a short introduction to the standard itself and information security management systems (ISMS), before diving into some practical examples. Finally, we’ll show you how we use ISO 27001 to help our customers enhance and embed a cybersecurity mindset.



Awareness - It's not all about the phish!

To truly embed a cybersecurity mindset across your organisation, your colleagues need to know how to make informed decisions if they’re faced with a potential security threat. In this session, we’ll discuss the essential elements which make up a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness campaign – one that meets compliance requirements and reduces risk throughout your organisation. We’ll also introduce you to our new Managed Awareness service, built in collaboration with our partner



Strengthening your security position for 2023

What challenges are top of mind for security teams across the world this year? In our first web session, Wim Remes, Managing Director Damovo Security Services, dives into compliance, cyber insurance, detection and response, training and risk communications – and where you should focus your team’s efforts in 2023.



Penetration testing 101

Penetration testing has fast become a standard practice in security programmes – but there are many pitfalls that can impact how effective it is. This web session talks through a standardised framework, best practice and issues to be aware of.



The Cyber Defense Matrix (CDM)

Organisations need to prove their security credentials – both internally and to auditors, regulators, customers and other stakeholders. This web session explores the Cyber Defense Matrix – a freely-available map that can help your organisation document and track its compliance efforts and security programme.