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New insights into digital customer service in 2019

"Intelligent customer service", "omnichannel contact centre", and "Customer journey mapping" are well-known buzzwords that have been associated with the contact centre environment for quite some time. But are the growing expectations for digital customer service really being met, or is this just wishful thinking? Damovo’s latest Contact Centre Study sheds some light on this question.

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Software Defined Networking

Download our spotlight analysis today and learn how to succesfully modernise your network.


Work is no longer a place you go to

How can you involve employees in the development of UCC projects in order to ensure a successful roll out and guaranteed results?

Find out in our magazine "Digital Working of the Future."


UCC in the cloud

Successful team-based collaboration is essential for your business success. Yet more than 75% of European companies are still not deploying a comprehensive UCC solution.

Discover the opportunities that cloud-based UCC technologies can offer you and what challenges you should be aware of on your way into the digital future.


Damovo Aquila

Build your bridge into the digital future – with Damovo Aquila, our cloud aggreation platform. Learn more!


Damovo Aquila UCaaS

UCaaS Solution: The best of on-premise UCC features in the cloud! Learn more about Damovo Aquila UCaaS!


Network assessment – a Damovo Automated Network Service

Are you ready to solve the complexity of your network and take advantage of Damovo Automated Network Services?


SDN Workshop

How can SDN automate your network? Damovo’s SDN workshop will show you how!


ICT Services For Global Business

Most IT environments have a variety of technologies from different vendors, supported by multiple support contracts. This creates a very complex environment that can be inefficient, costly to run and time consuming to manage. Damovo can help by offering a range of managed services for global organisations.


Damovo’s Global Managed IT Support

Damovo’s Global Managed IT Support Service enables a more cost-effective, and efficient way of providing desktop support services for your employees. Our approach of understanding firstly what you require, and then delivering exactly that will save you time and money. It will also significantly improve the levels of service you receive by tailoring the support skillsets to your actual requirements.