UCC in the cloud

Agile, cloud based communication – let Damovo build the bridge!

Successful team-based collaboration is essential for your business success. Yet more than 75% of European companies are still not deploying a comprehensive UCC solution.

What challenges are companies facing?

We examined this issue together with Pierre Audoin Consultants. More than 180 IT and HR managers from organisations in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and France were interviewed.

It emerged that earlier UCC solutions were often not able to meet companies' demands. Employees actually need a system that supports communication processes and teamwork across company boundaries. One clear trend has emerged – the increase in teamwork. Exchanging information with colleagues, customers and partners across departments and corporate boundaries has become a common feature of everyday work. One that is essential for success in today’s digital world.

Discover the opportunities that cloud-based UCC technologies can offer you and what challenges you should be aware of on your way into the digital future.

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