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CRN presents Digital Transformation Award to Damovo

Düsseldorf, 25th October 2017 – Damovo has been presented the Digital Transformation Award for its ground-breaking "City of Warsaw" project. This award, presented by CRN, distinguishes IT service providers who are paving the way for the digital future. The awards ceremony took place at the Kohlebunker in Munich on 24.10.17. The event was opened by the President of the BVMW (Federal Association of SMEs), Mr Mario Ohoven.

A specialist jury headed by CRN editor-in-chief Martin Fryba chose five winners from a large field of entries whose projects set them apart from the competition through their innovation, effectiveness and customer value. Decisive criteria included the size of the client company, level of investment, complexity of the project and whether the implemented solution, or parts thereof, could be reused in similar projects. The award ceremony was the highlight of the Digital Transformation Convention - which supports medium-sized companies in the digitalisation process.

Multichannel contact centre solution improves communication between the city of Warsaw and its residents

The award was presented to Damovo for its innovative multichannel contact centre solution developed for the city of Warsaw in Poland. The solution integrates a wide range of problem notifications, information requests and also residents' suggestions for improvements in a single city contact centre. This is linked to the CRM system and can be reached 24/7 via different channels including phone, e-mail, chat, a web portal and a mobile application. The residents can use the mobile app not only to report problems but also to send other information such as photos and location data directly to the city contact centre. The incoming messages can be categorised, thereby permitting rapid assignment and a significant reduction in processing times.

"Companies like Damovo make sure that digital transformation benefits not only businesses, but also society as a whole," said CRN editor-in-chief Martin Fryba, explaining the decision to present the award for the IT service provider's E-Government project for the Polish capital of Warsaw. "Digital communication between authorities and residents can still be a niche activity in many countries, yet such projects show what is possible.”

Particularly impressive was the high number of channels available to the Warsaw residents for contacting their local authority. This involved integrating a wide range of manufacturer solutions, meaning that the project was also highly complex. Fryba concludes “This made implementation an even greater challenge for Damovo. We are delighted to be able to present the CRN Digital Transformation Award to Damovo for such ambitious and pioneering projects."

Daniela Dilger, Head of Group Contact Centre Propositions: "Modern communication methods enable cities to make use of state-of-the-art technologies. By integrating different technology solutions and communication channels we have created a customised digital solution that offers the city of Warsaw and its residents a high degree of digitalisation while significantly increasing efficiency levels. For Damovo, this award confirms our success but also motivates us to continue supporting our customers on their way to digitalisation."