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Ensuring a Smooth Migration of Your UCC Infrastructure to the Cloud

Migrating your UCC Infrastructure to the cloud can be a transformative step for your business, offering increased flexibility, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration. However the market for possible cloud solutions, bundling of applications and variety of payment models has become very large and complex. Damovo specialises in guiding our customers on a cloud journey to determine the most suitable solutions for you in terms of function and price.

Your Benefits


Practical Solutions for You

As a system integrator with 50 years’ experience in UC transformation, we have in-depth technical and business knowledge that we can use to be a true independent advisor. In addition to assessing costs, we understand the subtle differences that can make a particular solution suitable for your particular business needs.


Phased Migration Plan

Cloud UCC vendors will naturally recommend a big-bang migration but that does not always suit in terms of cost optimisation, business disruption, and user adoption. Do you need to keep some of your legacy on-prem features for now? Are there teams that are equipped to move sooner than others? We can design a phased plan to suit.


Your Security Requirements

Cloud UCC solutions require very different Security and Compliance approaches than traditional on-premise designs. We ensure system and process security as well as regulatory requirements like NIS2, DORA etc. are considered at every stage of design and deployment.

Be Prepared!

Digital Transformation can revolutionise a business. However >70% fail by not first aligning the IT goals with overall business strategy, and instead jumping straight in.
This often results in unexpected complexity mid-transformation, and difficulty with scaling, change management and reduced ROI.
At Damovo we focus on reducing the complexity at the planning stage, aligning and preparing your business before embarking on a UCC transformation.
These are some of the critical elements our Consultants can guide you through to ensure success:
Assess Your Current Infrastructure
Identify and understand the "as is"

The first step is to understand the existing UCC environment and performance, usage patterns, and limitations of your current system. Our experts help identify the critical processes, as well as the necessary changes, to prepare for a seamless migration.

Define Clear Migration Objectives
What are our goals?

We help you define clear priority outcomes for your migration to aid the decision making process e.g. Is it cost reduction, scalability, 3d party integrations etc.

Choose the Right Cloud Model
Hybrid, Private or Public?

We can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each solution across cost, security, flexibility and more.

Select a Cloud Vendor
Which suits your business needs?

Our accredited and experienced UCC consultants can evaluate the different vendor offerings, customer support, and scalability options to ensure they align with your business requirements.

Assess Network Readiness
Are you ready to migrate?

Before starting a migration project we need to ensure your network can handle the demand of cloud based systems. We have a team of Enterprise network consultants who specialise in assessing bandwidth requirements, network redundancy etc.

Focus on User Experience
Adoption and Change Management

We support you to implement the technology that will take you into the future but also to bring your teams along with proven user adoption approaches. It’s a powerful combination that allows you to make a complete success of digital and cultural transformation.

Managed Services
End to End Support

Damovo’s heritage is providing managed support services to our customers. With any new technology adoption, our customers can reply on us to provide monitoring, incident management, upgrades and integration support. Our consultants can advise the model that best suits your new infrastructure and optimise your ROI.

Our Offering

UCC Cloud Solutions

Looking to embrace the Cloud Revolution? The move to Cloud-based UCC can be a game-changer, enabling seamless communication across devices and locations, empowering remote teams and improving productivity.
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Additional Offering

UCC On-Premises

Maintaining complete control over your communication infrastructure? UCC on-premise solutions offer a robust and secure platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

User Adoption

Empowering users, driving success: Our user adoption management programme is the key to unlock the full potential of your IT project.

How we support you

At Damovo, we deliver more than just technology. Our approach ensures your UC solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, empowers your workforce, and delivers lasting value.

UCC Phases
Phase Icon 1
1  Phase
Understand & Consult
We partner with you to understand your communication challenges and goals. This ensures a UCC solution tailored to your business.
Phase Icon 2
2  Phase
Our experts create a customised UCC blueprint, selecting the optimal tools and features for seamless integration with your existing systems.
Phase Icon 3
3  Phase
We expertly manage the UCC rollout, from hardware installation to data migration and user setup.
Phase Icon 4
4  Phase
We prioritise your success with ongoing support, proactive management, and user training.
Phase Icon 5
5  Phase
Through user feedback and usage analysis, we identify opportunities to further optimise your UCC solution, maximising its long-term value.

Driving innovation - for your future

In today’s world, digital transformation is the key to success. Actively shape your future with a partner for intelligent solutions. Optimise business processes and create strong customer loyalty with innovative products. Committed employees are the key to top performance. Discover the possibilities with us and promote an inspiring corporate culture through intelligent networking and innovative communication. 

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Improve Connectivity
Unified Communications

Your teams are working from home, on site and on the go. In this new world of work, we make sure secure, effective collaboration and communication is part of your business as usual.

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We Communicare
Contact Centre

Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and enable a unified experience across your contact channels with the latest contact centre technologies. Whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid, we will help you to be more efficient, increase sales, reduce costs, inspire your workforce and also maintain compliance.

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Connect Smarter, Grow Faster
Enterprise Networks

Make your network infrastructure the backbone of your business and a platform for growth. Partner with Damovo to unlock all aspects of digital business potential, achieving increased scalability and flexibility, which in turn leads to enhanced collaboration and improved customer experience.

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serious looking young male software engineer looking at his screen. behind him sits a colleague working on two screens
Beyond being compliant
Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is far more than being compliant – it must be part of your business strategy. With a comprehensive approach, we identify vulnerabilities and risks across technology, processes, and your workforce. This allows us to offer you recommendations for preventing or mitigating the specific risks you face, maximising your security posture.

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