Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi is fast becoming one of the most important areas of investment for organisations. It is an integral part of daily operations, connecting people, processes and systems across all industries. Inefficient Wi-Fi causes huge operational impacts, including interrupted workflows, lack of communication amongst mobile workforces, and inefficiencies in terms of time and resources.

This is where Damovo can help!

Planning and Design
Damovo will conduct on-site wireless survey to plan the right RF (radio frequency) capacity and coverage for your mobile devices. We will take into account both your environment and the nature of your business, listening to your specific challenges and struggles.
This will enable us to determine the correct number and type of access points, the optimal location and the best security measures. Attention to detail at this stage is of vital importance for the successful deployment of your wireless network.

We will implement the new infrastructure, integrating it into your existing network environment for seamless and secure operation. We always apply “by design” enhanced security measures to prevent unauthorized access or damage to your data and IT infrastructure. Our in-house API developments will automate the secure authentication of new devices on your Wi-Fi, excluding the need for recurring IT support intervention.
Your users and their different devices will be able to access the wireless network with more flexibility, resulting in an excellent user experience.

Once you have an efficient wireless network we will go one-step further to maximize your investment by establishing your very own wireless hot spot for external users and visitors. This will allow your customers to also connect to your wireless network – resulting in closer customer interaction, and valuable buyer behaviour insights.

Discover how you can have a more efficient and
productive Wi-Fi experience with Damovo.

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