Is your company ready for a new hybrid workforce?

How ready is your company for a secure hybrid workforce approach? To determine this from a company-specific IT security perspective, Damovo has partnered with leading market research and analyst firm IDC to develop a specific readiness assessment tool.

Using this assessment tool, medium-sized and large companies can test their current approach for a secure hybrid working environment. By answering targeted, IT-oriented questions under the topic areas of "Protection", "Flexibility" and "Hybrid Workplace", they can determine their readiness levels in setting up and developing a hybrid work model.

All respondents will receive a personalised report which gives feedback on their rankings, showing where the company currently stands, and what potentially can still be done to improve. Damovo will also suggest next steps that the company could take in order to securely and sustainably anchor the hybrid workforce approach into the future. 

Assess your Hybrid Workforce Security