Contact Centre Portfolio

Our solutions for inbound and outbound multi-channel contact centres are tailored to a demanding and digital customer environment. Our proven technologies optimise your operational efficiency, improve your customer experience, empower your workforce and make sure you keep track of compliance and costs.

Contact Centre Infrastructure

The cornerstone of a successful and powerful contact centre is a modern and future-proof infrastructure. So the selection of the most appropriate technology has a direct impact on the goals of your contact centre. The most important considerations for your new communication infrastructure are the integration into your existing telephone system and the amalgamation of third party technologies and high quality voice – all of which will create the basis for excellent customer service.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

Automatic Call Distribution allows your contact centre to optimise call handling by providing a rapid and professional response to each call. Furthermore, our ACD solutions can increase your call throughput and enhance the quality of your answering call services – consistently and effectively.

Inbound Solutions

Incoming call traffic can be challenging to manage and requires a rapid response to changing business conditions in order to ensure that calls do not go unanswered, get cut off or are directed to the wrong person. Damovo’s solutions for inbound contact centres enable you to manage this interaction with your customers more effectively. We offer secure solutions with a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools - which enable the agile and cost-effective routing of all incoming calls to meet the highest market standards.


The success of your outbound campaign activity strongly depends on the technology used. Our dialler solutions offer automatic call-back for failed call attempts – saving workforce time. Automatic scripts, prompting the agent to ask the right questions, can also ensure that your business gets the information it needs, first time. Responses to customer calls are then stored centrally for reporting purposes and to enable you to gather informative data from your campaign activity.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Damovo’s IVR solution provides inbound callers with ‘self-service’ applications, so that incoming calls for common requests can be handled efficiently and consistently - without the need for human interaction. This decreases your operational spend as it reduces the “cost per interaction” – whilst also improving customer service, as it is available 24/7. When used in the correct way, IVR systems can effectively automate the management of a wide range of sales, service or support calls.


Headsets are an indispensable tool in modern communications and also help to enable unified communication and collaboration tools. The right choice of headsets or headphones gives your employees a comfortable way of working. Damovo offers UC&C audio solutions which fulfil the highest level of communication requirements. Wideband and ultra-noise-cancelling technology ensures crystal clear audibility, so that these devices can even be used effectively in open-plan offices.

Customer Experience Applications

In an increasingly customer-centric world, it is becoming more and more important to off er a personalised experience to your customers. Today‘s customers are demanding not only the highest quality of service, but they also expect permanent availability of your services across multiple channels. They want to determine for themselves when and where they use these services, and even whether they want to get in touch with your agents at all.

Social Media

Social media channels are gaining importance in the contact centre arena and, as with any service channel, the challenge is to professionalise this and to make it work effectively. The agent‘s position changes drastically when using social media, as they have to take on the role of your representative and crisis manager – as well as becoming a friend of the customer. To assist you with these challenges, Damovo offers monitoring, connection and integration, as well as comprehensive consulting packages. Our consulting packages can also include the recognition and processing of your communications across social networks – helping you to formulate an appropriate social media strategy for your organisation.

Customer feedback

The level of satisfaction that each customer has with your organisation is often an infl uencing factor on further interactions. However, all customer interaction analysis provides valuable insight into future customer behaviour, even if it is negative. The information gained will also help you to draw conclusions about your contact centre processes and to improve your overall customer service levels.

Self Service

Today, your customers require not only the highest quality but at the same time, they also expect a permanent availability of your services. They want to decide when and where they consume services and whether they look to your contact centre as a source of these. Our solutions enable each individual customer to choose their preferred channel via which to interact with you. Using a well-defined self-service strategy, your organisation will be able to increase interaction speed significantly and with search results being available immediately, you can use this information to optimise workflows and automate business processes – which could ultimately lead to an increase in sales.


With a text and/or voice chatbot from Damovo you can reduce your waiting times and satisfy your customers with competent, immediate help. The chatbot can be used in a variety of ways - from handling simple issues, more complex customer concerns, or by supporting the contact centre agent by bundling customer information. This not only increases customer satisfaction and ensures continuous availability, but also increases agility and reduces costs through process optimization and automation.

Video consulting

Depending on your business model, products and services can be more complex to discuss over the phone. This is where video communication can help – as long as it is intuitive and simple to use. These factors are very inportant in order to increase customer acceptance and derive the maximum benefit from this channel. Damovo provides video communication solutions that can be fully integrated within your contact centre environment. Downloads or plug-installations will not be required at the customer end, and both parties will benefit from this additional communication channel.

Digital Signature

Many business transactions require the signature of the contract partner/customer. Very few these days require them to be in handwritten form from a legal perspective. The whole process can now be streamlined thorugh the use of digital signatures. Benefit from the use of a digital signature solution from Damovo and reduce time to close, increase closure rates, and protect yourself from a legal perspective.


The number of new contact channels continues to grow – and your customers expect to be able to contact you not only by telephone but also via the internet, social channels, chat and email. Our multi-channel solutions provide centralised management of all contact centre channels in a single queue, which is known as multi-channel blending. Our solutions also allow for integration with other business tools, such as CRM software or internal databases.

Workforce Empowerment Applications

The volume of data impacting your contact centre can be overwhelming and even more communication channels are now required, as a result of ever-expanding customer expectations. To continue achieving high levels of quality and satisfaction, you need to prepare and support your agents so they have the best possible capabilities to help them deliver excellent services. New technologies can assist in this process by recording, analysing, coaching, automating and reporting - to give your agents clear recommendations for the next best course of action.

Quality Monitoring

The dialogue between your customers and your agents can be improved through targeted performance evaluations and KPI-based quality management processes. Recorded conversations can also be analysed and improvements made and communicated across your agents, to ensure quality and consistency of customer interactions.

Multimedia Recording

Call recording has historically been used mainly in financial environments but is now being employed in a wider variety of contact centres, either as a legal requirement or to improve customer service levels and identify agent training needs. Damovo’s multimedia recording solutions provide access to previous recordings through simple indexing or keywords, enabling agents and managers to quickly assess and identify details of any recorded interaction, whether text or speech based.

Real-time Interactions

Process automation and real time support allow you to avoid multiple text inputs in different applications by contact centre agents. Furthermore, your agents will receive instant, content-based recommendations for the best ‚next actions or dialogue proposals during telephone and chat based interactions. These tools enable you to reduce your average call handling time, to keep costs as low as possible and to make your contact centre processes even more efficient.

Workforce Management

Damovo‘s workforce management tools can help you to manage the complexity of resourcing your contact centre. Our employee scheduling software will show you how to accurately manage resource and skills allocation, according to the requirements of your contact centre. It will also help to increase productivity and employee satisfaction - making your contact centre even more efficient and effective.

Speech and Multimedia Analytics

By understanding the quality and content of your agent workflow processes you can uncover hidden information in customer interactions. For example, what they like, dislike, prefer, need and want in relation to your company’s products and services. This transparency and cross-channel analysis will help you to optimise your interactions - through the use of analytical techniques for service offering and prepare for future interactions.

Business Applications Integration

Unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) solutions can help you to provide an agile and motivating work environment, to ensure the best possible customer service can be delivered. These integrated solutions enable your agents to seamlessly involve back offi ce workers in discussions with customers - via video calling, desktop sharing and chat applications.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) With CRM and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), you can provide your agents with information about the customer before a call is even answered, via screen popping. This insight will help improve customer satisfaction even further, as your agents have visibility of the customer‘s history and access to supporting information which can make the call experience far easier and much more efficient.

UCC (Unified Communications & Collaboration)

Embedding UC&C within your contact centre provides real benefits to your employees and to your process efficiency. This intuitive, unified interface brings voice communications, unified messaging, audio, video and web conferencing together - into a comprehensive and contextual communications solution. The fusion of a soft client infrastructure and a contact centre provides you with optimal interaction between business processes in your front and back office environments.

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