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Your company’s mindset may be ready to digitally transform – but is your network also ready?

Modern networks can do so much more than passively transfer data. The network today is not only a critical element of business, it can actually completely transform the business itself.

Your infrastructure therefore plays a key role in your business growth. It can be an accelerator or a showstopper.

With our intelligent network technologies and services, we will ensure that you can keep up with the pace of your digital transformation aspirations.

Network Infrastructure

An IT network infrastructure is often a mix of on premise equipment and cloud. The on premise network tends to be a complex mixture of different types of networks and vendors.
It is important to understand that your network can either accelerate your business growth or hold it back.
Without the right infrastructure in place, you may suffer from poor user experience and security issues that can affect productivity, cost you financially and could ultimately damage your brand.

At Damovo, we will guide you through your network transformation. A good infrastructure planning session begins by understanding your business goals.
Our technical experts will work with you to assess your current network, and from there design and implement a new strategy, which will accelerate your digital transformation and deliver the best performance and user experience at all times.
Our approach is tailored to your business requirements, at a pace that you wish. We can take over the support of your existing LAN infrastructure to enable a smooth migration to your future-proof network.

Wi-Fi Technology

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, fast and reliable Wireless LAN is no longer a novelty. It is a necessity! Designing, deploying and managing a WLAN can be challenging. These challenges become exponentially more difficult to solve as the wireless network and its applications grow in size and complexity.

Planning and Design

If having fast, reliable, and secure wireless networking infrastructure is essential to your company, then you need to understand what a robust WiFi design process looks like. The cold reality is that ad-hoc design methods and site surveys are insufficient for wireless networks supporting high-volume applications and voice. Being an UCC expert for over 50 years, we know how to deal with the high demands of critical applications like real-time communication and its impact on your network. Damovo will assist you and conduct an on-site wireless site survey to plan the right RF (radio frequency) capacity and coverage for your mobile devices. We will take into account both your environment and the nature of your business, listening to your specific challenges and struggles. This will enable us to determine the correct number and type of access points, the optimal location and the best security measures. This upfront investment is of vital importance for the successful deployment of your wireless network.


Once you have an efficient wireless network that enables maximum mobility inside your company we will go one-step further to maximize your investment by establishing your very own wireless hot spot for external users and visitors. This will allow your customers to also connect to your wireless network – resulting in closer customer interaction. As a result you will be able to customise your guest registration details, learn more about your customer‘s behavior, and enforce the acceptance of specific policies for usage. All of this enables you to know who is using your network, welcome your users back and gain valuable insight into your own customers.

Network Management

Your employees demand a high quality user experience across all of their devices, regardless of location - and they expect any issues to be resolved quickly. We can proactively monitor and manage your network, identifying potential issues and reducing the risk of failure - enabling your network to remain stable, your employees to stay happy and your business to be operational at all times.

Effectively managing multi-vendor hybrid networks

Through proactive network monitoring we can quickly see what’s going on in your network – for example, identifying where call quality failures or highly utilised links are causing your employees to have a poor experience. We can then identify and fix the issues in minutes, not hours, which minimises the impact on your organisation. Application response time issues can also be quickly identified and isolated – highlighting the source of a network or device problem, whether wired or wireless, and on multi-vendor hybrid networks.

Proactive infrastructure monitoring – vulnerability management

Proactive infrastructure monitoring allows us to see your network assets, their lifecycle and software version, as well as potential security risks. Together with you and our Security Operation Center (SOC), we evaluate, identify, classify, remedy and mitigate the vulnerabilities in your network.

Software Defined Networking

Software-defined networking is an architecture that aims to make networks agile and flexible. In a software defined network an engineer can shape traffic from a centralized control console without having to touch individual switches in the network. This accelerates transformation by providing an intelligent platform for data-intensive applications, specific policies for meeting customer expectations, and a centralised view of an entire network as it scales. All are essential capabilities for any business trying to make the most of their digital transformation strategies. More and more companies are shifting to Cloud infrastructure and applications. The traditional WAN architecture is limited between Enterprise, Branch and Datacentre and not designed to support the new cloud business model. Learn more here

Information security

Despite wide media coverage of various data vulnerabilities in recent months, information security is often regarded as an obstacle to the digital transformation process rather than an absolute necessity. However more and more compliance regulations, such as the NIS Directive (EU 2016/1148) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Parliament, need to be met. The security and privacy aspects of every IT project therefore need to be considered as early as possible. With 50 years of experience, we recognize the risk of approaching information security as an add-on measure. This is why we have developed our “security & privacy by design” approach. Damovo’s consultative approach ensures that security and privacy considerations are an integral part of the customer lifecycle journey – from conceptual design to project implementation and service operation. It’s intrinsic to all our propositions and services.

Our in-house engineers achieved the highest security certification for the major vendors.


Over 50 years of experience in building and supporting resilient, intelligent, digital networks


The highest levels of accreditation with Cisco and Extreme


Awarded as Leader in Network- Software Defined Solutions & Services 2019 by ISG


Extensive and established partner network 24/7 Global Network Operations Centres across Europe supporting over 1.9 million endpoints