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The advancing digitalization of healthcare is changing everything from streamlining administration, to how clinical staff work, and most importantly to enhancing the patient experience.

With secure and modern solutions which include digital applications, corporate network and security, Damovo can ensure that your healthcare business is ready for this new environment now and in the future.

Our digital applications such as unified communications and collaboration, contact center, patient entertainment and virtual video consultation solutions, make your patients' stay in hospital easier, creating a positive recovery climate and by reducing complexity and the workload on hospital staff and clinicians, improving their day to day wellbeing. Overall, resulting in the simplification and provisioning of medical services process flows.

A fundamental prerequisite for an efficient hospital is a secure and modern network with intelligent control of data streams eliminating bottlenecks on your LAN, providing real-time localization of medical equipment and the safety-relevant location of patients and staff. Also of critical importance is the security of patient data and health records; securing the networking is vital for compliance and to preventing cyber-attacks.

Damovo can provide you with all these necessary communications and IT services from a single source.

We will support you with:

Simplified Workflows

Optimized Resources

Operational Security

Reduction of Operating Costs

Creating a Modern, Agile Infrastructure

The impact of digitalization in healthcare can be dramatic and rewarding – here are some recent customer projects to inspire you on your digitization journey with Damovo:

Brussels largest hospital has deployed a new Mitel-based infrastructure to modernise communication and enhance patient care.

Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc has always been a leader when it comes to quality of care and medical expertise. However the communication infrastructure needed modernisation.

Citadelle Regional Hospital: Satisfied patients due to new communication system

With the support of Damovo and the new Mitel Contact Centre solution, Citadelle Regional Hospital has significantly reduced the amount of missed appointments, customer complaints and wait times, whilst handling a 30% increase in call volumes with the same amount of agents.

In close contact with patients in clinical trials thanks to dedicated Clinical Trial Surveillance Center solution

KCR experiences that clinical trials become bigger in scope, size and geographical coverage. However, bringing business to multinational level requires outstanding precision in data collection and focus to provide solid outcome for clients.

Automated compliance and documentation of hygiene standards in hospitals

The management team of a psychiatric hospital is looking for a way to document the frequency and duration of hand disinfections by its nurses within the framework of "DIN EN 1500 – hygienic hand disinfection."

Centralized IT without the toothache

A leading retail and service company in the European healthcare industry is suffering from decentralized, outdated telecommunications systems.

Perfect care with telemedicine

Even before the COVID-19 era, the CIO of a hospital in Warsaw was searching for a solution to offer their patients short virtual doctor consultations for simple cases.

Fundamental change in the way we work – everything is new!

A pharmaceutical retail company with more than 300 pharmacies wanted to completely rethink the way they offered their products and services in order to remain competitive in today’s digital world.

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