Security & Privacy
by design

Embrace innovation without compromising on security

Despite the wide media coverage of various data vulnerabilities in recent months, information security is often regarded as an obstacle to the digital transformation process rather than an absolute necessity. However more and more compliance regulations, such as the NIS Directive (EU 2016/1148) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Parliament, need to be met.

The security and privacy aspects of every IT project therefore need to be considered as early as possible, With 40 years of experience, we recognize the risk of approaching information security as an add-on measure. This is why we have developed our “security & privacy by design” approach.


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This approach ensures that security and privacy considerations are an integral part of the customer lifecycle journey - from conceptual design to project implementation and service operation. It is intrinsic to all our propositions and services.

Securely achieve the full potential of your digital transformation.

Get a clear picture of your business security health.

Adhere to all compliance regulations to protect the economic value of your company.

Find the right expertise to understand the increasingly complex requirements

Overcome security budget constraints by considering security and privacy aspects from the start.

Let Damovo be your secure guide

Security Workshops (technical workshops and conceptual workshops)

With our IT security experts, you learn which security risks exist in IT systems. In this personal awareness workshop, we will show you strategies for minimizing and avoiding threats to your information security.

Information Security Assessment (As-is and Gap Analysis)

We perform a thorough analysis of your environment to show where security policies and procedures fail, with the goal of identifying and resolving vulnerabilities before they are exploited by someone. The aim is to ensure that the right steps are taken to ensure that the identified risks can be understood, resolved or otherwise accepted as part of the information risk management life cycle.

Overall Anti-Malware Strategies

Defending against Malware has focused on reactive technologies: intrusion detection, content filtering, detecting and blocking malware, etc. Time to get proactive with the help of our Damovo specialists. In the face of increasingly complex threats, business needs to understand that all anti-malware does not do roughly the same thing. A well thought-through anti-malware strategy should form the foundation of any multi-layer defense system for business networks.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment and Management has been a major pillar of network security in enterprise. Within just the last couple of years, businesses are discovering the common sense of fixing their relatively few vulnerabilities rather than erecting more and more defenses to keep them from being attacked. Damovo will guide you to do it right.

Software Defined Security (SDS)

Like Software Defined Networking, SDS abstracts the network control plane from the forwarding plane. The result is a dynamic distributed system that virtualizes the network security enforcement function, scales with ease and is managed as a single, logical system. With Software Defined Security you can follow the user instead of the device. It enables consistent and efficient security policies across enterprise networks.

Access Security and Identity-based Networks

Access Security and Identity-based networks offer authentication, access control, and user policy enforcement to help secure network connectivity and resources. It helps you improve operational efficiency and cut costs by adopting today’s innovative network trends, such as mobility, cloud, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) access. Boost network efficiency, while helping to ensure security and compliance.

Development of Security concepts aligned to ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Taking into account the importance of business alignment and cost-effectiveness for the successful operation of an ISMS, Damovo can help to enable a clear identification of necessary and appropriate security concepts as core elements of every ISMS.

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Over 50 years of experience in building and supporting secure, resilient, intelligent digital technology

Global Operations Centres in Duesseldorf, Dublin, Warsaw, Brussels operating 24/7

Our in-house support engineers achieved the highest security certification for the major vendors.

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"Damovo convinced us with their consistent, technologically perfected and future-oriented concept.”

“Damovo provided us with excellent support throughout the entire project. We are looking forward to an increase in the efficiency of our business processes as a result of using new, innovative functionalities. The solution will also help us to highlight our position on the market as a modern, emerging employer.”

“We have been working with Damovo in other areas for more than 20 years and have come to value the company as a highly competent and reliable partner.”