Security & Privacy
by design

Security by Design

In a rapidly changing world, we evaluate the entire lifecycle of our services based on the Deming Cycle (plan, do, check, act) in order to continuously refine our solutions and processes.

Damovo’s consultative approach ensures that security and privacy considerations are an integral part of the customer lifecycle journey – from conceptual design to project implementation and service operation. It’s intrinsic to all our propositions and services.

Advising on a complete security & privacy-by-design architecture is our mission
Our portfolio consists of best-of-breed technology, in which security is one of the most important elements
We carefully consider the solution we offer, because a long-term customer relationship is more important than a quick win or box-selling
From the very beginning we consult with our customer's stakeholders on how to integrate our secure solution into their environment in accordance with the best practices defined in our solution proposal
Throughout the entire project development lifecycle we comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001
Throughout the design and transition cycle, our project management team follows PMI/Prince2 methodology

Our Managed Services are ITIL (ISO/IEC 20000) compliant,ensuring safe operation in the customer environment

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