Unified communications- & Collaboration Portfolio

UCC solutions can streamline internal and external communication processes – enabling you to create significant competitive advantage through the provision of excellent customer service. As an integration and service provider in the UCC solutions area, we can demonstrate concepts which will innovate and extend the potential for your organisation. Using our knowledge and expertise, we will design a unified communications and collaboration solution that can be customised to your requirements, and fully integrated within your IT environment.

Communication & Collaboration

Our UCC portfolio includes solutions from the leading technology providers – delivering a consistent communication and collaboration user experience. With our extensive systems integration experience we can enable you to integrate your legacy systems or third-party solutions into the new world.


Regardless of which technology you use, high-quality voice communication must always be guaranteed. Whether online or offline, for conversations between two people or for conferences involving many participants, all of your voice communications can be conducted from an integrated UCC technology platform. We can provide this whichever way you want it – on-premise, using a hybrid approach or from the cloud. Your BYOD initiatives and legacy systems can also be supported and integrated within your UCC strategy.

Unified Messaging

True unified messaging combines voicemail, e-mail, fax, SMS and written correspondence in a single fully integrated location and is thus an essential part of your UCC solution. In today’s highly integrated environment, unified messaging enables you to take your customers preferences into account and respond to them, meeting their expectations and maintaining relationships with them - even in a decentralised company.


Video communication is critical for genuine collaboration within distributed work groups. In the past, this type of communication was frequently associated with complex and expensive boardroom video equipment, which in many cases was rarely used. Nowadays, new UCC platforms enable high quality video sessions at any location using a mobile device. This makes video collaboration user-friendly, inexpensive and highly effective.

Instant Messaging

IM has become an indispensable technology in working environments - connecting individuals or groups in real time, allowing your staff to participate and contribute freely but without distracting them from their current tasks. At the same time, it eliminates misunderstanding in verbal communication and archives the correspondence for future reference.

Multimedia conferencing

UCC turns conferences into broader, more productive experiences with interactive web and video conferencing. These functions are accessible everywhere, not just in one office location – enabling employees to communicate whilst they are travelling, working outside the office or at home. In addition, a conversation that begins as an audio conference can easily be converted into a web conference if someone unexpectedly has to share a document with the others. Such multimedia conferencing solutions allow your teams to collaborate in a completely new way, resulting in faster decisions, closer working relationships, better cost controls and increased productivity.

Application and desktop sharing

Multimedia conferencing tools permit the confidential and secure use of a variety of services via a common, intuitive interface. As a participant in „presenter“ mode you can share detailed information (such as documents, figures, analysis, or even applications) from your desktop, without having to transfer the data to another device. Sessions can be recorded and distributed for future reference, including the conversation history, any images and shared data. The ability to share enables multiple users to work simultaneously on a document or project. You can show everything you see on your screen to others, regardless of the applications that you are running. You don‘t even need to have the same applications installed on your devices. This is possible because what you are transferring is a real-time image of your computer screen display.

Presence status and intelligent availability indication

The concept of UCC „smart availability“ has a significant impact on the efficiency and productivity of your entire workforce. It indicates the presence status of colleagues and shows whether they are currently available or not. This information is integrated directly within your office applications and other programs. Contact can also be made to other devices in the form of landline or mobile calls, or by IM or e-mail, from a single integrated interface. The ability to see the status of colleagues - for example, whether they are available, away from their desk, in a meeting or on the road - is very helpful because it allows the most appropriate contact method to be selected.

Team Collaboration

Many major UCC providers offer team collaboration solutions which are integrated within the existing UC solutions. If features like chat, video and screen sharing are desired in addition to telephony, t hen team collaboration solutions offer an ideal platform in the business environment, with similarly intuitive functionality as the WhatsApp Messenger. There are many ways to use a team collaboration solution to enhance efficiency. These include cross-departmental project teams, or teams in which external individuals can be included. Some solutions offer a standardised Web-API which can be used to connect many different customer applications. This helps you to create business -triggered communication and make your business processes even more efficient.

Business application integration

Application integration is a critical success factor in the optimal introduction of UCC. Compatibility with existing desktops, integration of data directories and linking to industry applications all contribute to its comprehensive use and rapid user adoption.

Integration of enterprise applications

The full benefits of UCC solutions can only be experienced when they are fully integrated into the enterprise’s other third party applications. (ERP, CRM etc) This integration means that employees no longer have to switch back and forth between different applications. Incorporating communications technologies within your enterprise applications facilitates faster decision-making and therefore helps streamline your business processes.


With Innovations@Damovo, we go the extra mile and develop applications that better support your business and communication processes. We deal with a wide range of customer requirements and find solutions that often go far beyond the standard portfolio of our partners. We therefore develop innovative and forward-looking solutions tailored precisely to the needs of our respective customers. In our UCC proposition our own developments such as a boss-secretary solution or an attendant console for the Cisco Unified Communication Manager or a monitoring solution or busy-on-busy functionality for Microsoft Skype for Business extend our portfolio. Our development team uses the APIs provided by the technology vendors and integrates your enterprise applications with the UCC infrastructure or develops applications for your individual needs.

Infrastructure & endpoints

More and more UCC applications have been introduced in recent years. A suitable voice-ready infrastructure is required to take full advantage of the added value yielded by UCC applications. If required, we can design and implement the necessary network and also deliver a superior on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-based platform, including gateways, session border controllers and user endpoints.

End user and edge devices

In the world of sophisticated, collaborative multichannel user applications, the telephone still plays a key role in many companies. However, this basic functionality is still evolving, and so we are continually adapting it to the modern workplace. Damovo offers IP-terminals or conference terminals which can be used in H.323 or SIP environments. Digital terminals, wireless IP phones, DECT or IP-DECT - each model offers a certain scope of functionalities to different types of users. Analog endpoints can also be integrated into the IP environment by using adapters. We deliver different workplace equipment depending on the target group (mobile workers, clerks, management, contact centre agents, etc.). Our objective is to achieve a favourable cost- benefit ratio for your company while optimising the user experience. We also offer you other end-user communication devices (for example webcams, IP intercoms, various high-quality headsets and other hands-free devices) to meet your individual needs.

Servers and Gateways

Our certified partnerships with the leading UCC providers allow us to select the right solution for you while never losing sight of profitability, scalability and flexibility. We have different server options for providing communication solutions based on your individual needs. These servers can be offered with different redundancies and associated SLAs. We understand your business requirements and design the solution architecture to meet your individual security needs. We can assist you in implementing an integrated IP/SIP network, and help you, if required, in choosing your own enterprise session border controller which incorporates firewall, gateway and router features.

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