Avoid digital castles in the air with software-defined networks!

Spotlight analysis about software-defined networks

Your network architecture approach is vitally important when considering your corporate strategy, and the ability to act fast and change with the requirements of your customers. It is simply not enough to just give the network a little more bandwidth. The increasing integration of digital technologies into business-critical processes places new demands on network behavior.

So how do you ensure efficient network management in the face of increased demands? How do you automate your network so that your resources can be focused on more strategic digital initiatives?

In our spotlight analysis you will learn how network conversion and optimisation of network operations can be successfully carried out by means of four critical areas of action:


Network restructuring as astrategic topic


  • Set priorities
  • Enhance business models
  • Think outside the box

Identify specific use cases – Define Service Processes


  • Take a holistic approach to automation
  • Apply specific use case scenarios
  • Consider both technical and commercial aspects


Plan migration – create acceptance – eliminate fears


  • Consider current situation and strategic plans
  • Integrate users
  • Develop change-management plans

(Re)design cooperation with external service providers


  • (Re)consider outsourcing option
  • Establish strategic partnerships
  • Add risk/reward components to contracts

Damovo identified as a leader in Software Defined Networking for the third year in a row

In a two-month selection process, the renowned international technology research and consulting company ISG evaluated more than 100 providers in a two-stage process with regard to their market and competitive position. For the third time in a row, Damovo was identified as leader with strong Software Defined Networking propositions, which enable dynamic and cost-effective network management.

ISG Leader Germany

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