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Cybersecurity Solutions

Awareness Training

Human Vigilance: The Most Crucial Element in Cybersecurity's Defence!

Human vigilance is one of the most important lines of defence against cyber threats. Implementing phishing simulations and continuous awareness training is essential to strengthen this defence. Phishing campaigns designed to mimic real attacks highlight vulnerabilities and train employees to recognise and respond correctly to malicious attempts. Continuous awareness training and threat intelligence ensures that employees remain vigilant and informed about the latest tactics used by cybercriminals.

Your Benefits


Rapid Security Assessment

Gain immediate insights into your organisation’s security posture, enabling IT and management to swiftly identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.


Predictive Risk Analysis

Anticipate potential security breaches by assessing the susceptibility of employees to phishing attacks, helping proactively mitigate risks before they escalate.


AI-Based Platform

Damovo experts ensure that the phishing campaigns are highly effective and adaptive to the evolving cyber threat landscape. This combination of expert guidance and advanced technology helps your organisation enhance your employees’ ability to recognise and respond to phishing threats, thereby strengthening your overall cybersecurity defences.


Continuous Progress

Gentle reminders keep employees on track with their learning goals, fostering ongoing skill development.


Employee Engagement

Compliments and rewards recognise achievements, ensuring high levels of employee participation and motivation.


Extra Motivation

Competitive elements, like leaderboards and badges, inspire employees to excel, adding excitement to the learning experience.

Building the Human Firewall

Employees are often the weakest link in the security chain, as they can fall victim to social engineering attacks, phishing emails, or malware infections. By raising awareness of cybersecurity risks and educating employees on best practices, the “Human Firewall” can effectively protect your business from a wide range of threats.

Programmer working in a software develop company office.

Multi-Step Approach to Setting Up a Phishing Campaign

Target Group Profile

Identification of demographic/role-based segments, definition of profiles such as executives, people from finance or IT, and use of ML such as AI-based automation.

Additional Phishing Content

Tailored emails and landing pages to mimic spear phishing or insider threat attacks. Realistic phishing scenarios based on the activities of the profiles.

Playing out the Content

Using a dynamic and continuous schedule, emails and other phishing elements are sent and distributed gradually, allowing for continuous monitoring.

Analysis of User Behavior

An analysis of the reactions and actions per profile is carried out after receiving the phishing attempts; we take into account metrics such as email open rates, link clicks, and form submissions.


We compile the data in a comprehensive report. Insights into specific pain points and areas for improvement for each audience are included, what is the foundation for our personalised consulting.

Continuous Campaign

The continuous implementation of the phishing campaign and its measurement of results documents the progress of the increase in employee attention.

With Advanced Awareness Training to Success

Come with us on a transformative journey in cybersecurity education with our state-of-the-art Awareness Training program. Catering to all employees across various roles, our platform is meticulously designed to deliver personalised content tailored to individual needs and responsibilities.

Certified Excellence
Thousands of users utilise the platform
Our program holds esteemed certifications and is endorsed by leading institutions within the healthcare and public sectors. Trust in our training to provide your team with the highest standard of education and expertise.
Seamless Implementation
Easy to set-up and cloud-based flexibility

Built on a robust cloud-based platform, our training solution offers seamless implementation, adaptable to both on-premises and remote environments. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing our resources anytime, anywhere.

Learning experience with guaranteed user adoption

Our training modules are crafted with user-friendly, bite-sized learning in mind, ensuring accessibility and engagement for every employee. Say goodbye to traditional, time-consuming sessions, and welcome an interactive, gamified and efficient learning experience.

Diverse Content
Customised content for each user profile

With a comprehensive library of topics and formats, our training caters to diverse learning preferences. From interactive videos to informative articles and interesting quizzes employees have access to a wealth of resources personalised to their roles and interests.

Neuroscience-Driven Methodology
We rely on sustainable knowledge growth

Rooted in neuroscience principles, our training methodology maximises learning retention and application. Experience a scientifically proven approach that enhances understanding and proficiency in cybersecurity.

Achievement Recognition
Learning is easier with positive feedback and certification

Upon completion, employees can earn certificates, validating their dedication to cybersecurity excellence. Boost confidence within your team and celebrate their accomplishments with our certification program.

Our Offering

Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity is not only a technical issue – it is a team effort! All of the company’s employees are part of this team and contribute to cybersecurity to varying degrees. In addition to well-planned and implemented technical security measures, regularly sensitised employees make a significant contribution to cybersecurity.
Who trusts us

Additional Offering

Offensive Cybersecurity

Give your company the foresight and resilience it needs to face cyber threats head-on.

Defensive Cybersecurity

Strengthen your digital fortress with robust defensive cybersecurity measures to improve your security, mitigate risk and protect sensitive data.

Cybersecurity Advisory

In specific assessments, we work with you to determine how well your cybersecurity is set up, both technically and organisationally. But that’s not all – our experts work with you to evaluate recognised weaknesses and make targeted improvements.

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Damovo’s Managed Services in terms focusing on cybersecurity or infrastructure can be your shield. We offer a comprehensive suite of services delivered by expert staff, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the burden of cybersecurity.

How we support you

Our experienced professionals bring over 16 years of cybersecurity expertise and success serving over 600 customers worldwide. We are trusted partners guiding your company from strategy to execution.

CS Phases
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1  Phase
Understand & Consult
Unless your partner understands what your objectives are no project is ever going to be effective. That's why all our projects start with us understanding your business.
Phase Icon 2
2  Phase
We identify your unique vulnerabilities, and advise you on how to address them effectively. Our experts design solutions that meet your business and IT requirements, ensuring a smooth implementation
Phase Icon 3
3  Phase
Our defensive team helps you to deploy your IT solutions, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.
Phase Icon 4
4  Phase
Our operations team ensures the reliable and secure operation of your IT environments through proactive monitoring, precise troubleshooting, release and vulnerability management, all delivered 24/7!
Phase Icon 5
5  Phase
 We enable you to create a strong security culture in your business, providing ongoing support, guidance, and improvement.

Driving innovation - for your future

In today’s world, digital transformation is the key to success. Actively shape your future with a partner for intelligent solutions. Optimise business processes and create strong customer loyalty with innovative products. Committed employees are the key to top performance. Discover the possibilities with us and promote an inspiring corporate culture through intelligent networking and innovative communication. 

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Improve Connectivity
Unified Communications

Your teams are working from home, on site and on the go. In this new world of work, we make sure secure, effective collaboration and communication is part of your business as usual.

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We Communicare
Contact Centre

Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and enable a unified experience across your contact channels with the latest contact centre technologies. Whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid, we will help you to be more efficient, increase sales, reduce costs, inspire your workforce and also maintain compliance.

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Connect Smarter, Grow Faster
Enterprise Networks

Make your network infrastructure the backbone of your business and a platform for growth. Partner with Damovo to unlock all aspects of digital business potential, achieving increased scalability and flexibility, which in turn leads to enhanced collaboration and improved customer experience.

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Beyond being compliant
Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is far more than being compliant – it must be part of your business strategy. With a comprehensive approach, we identify vulnerabilities and risks across technology, processes, and your workforce. This allows us to offer you recommendations for preventing or mitigating the specific risks you face, maximising your security posture.

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