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Unified Communications

Hybrid UCC

Integrate your traditional infrastructure with Cloud UCC

With the shift to a modern hybrid workplace, businesses are looking for UCC solutions to match. We need office, home and mobile workers to be able to communicate & collaborate in real time, with a unified look and feel, regardless of location. Integrating traditional best in class on-prem UCC with cloud solutions can provide the best of both worlds: offering flexibility, scalability, and resilience. Damovo can help you leverage your existing infrastructure while accessing new technologies, at a pace to suit your business.

Your Benefits


Best in Class UCC - Everywhere

Rich voice, video, mobility, and collaboration accessible by all frontline, office and home workers. All with a consistent user experience, across locations and devices.


Phased Pathway to the Cloud

Move to the cloud at a pace that suits your business strategy. Complex enterprises with multiple locations and diverse business functions don’t always suit a uniform big-bang migration to the cloud. A Hybrid approach can ensure continuity as your users adopt new UCC applications.


Cost Efficiency

Retain the value of your legacy on-prem investments and also benefit from cloud UCC without further large capital outlay. Mix and match what stays on-prem, and what moves to an opex cloud subscription, to minimise unnecessary costs.


Control with Flexibility

Retain mission-critical call control on-premises while moving less critical applications to the cloud. Comply with any statutory requirements for security/redundancy for regulated functions, while lighter touch knowledge or service workers move to the cloud.


Retain your Legacy Devices

One of the drivers of a hybrid model is to retain traditional business-critical on-prem UCC devices that are not compatible with pure cloud-based solutions. Devices such as IP or DECT phones, analog devices and gateways, fax machines and paging systems etc. are still important to many business and it can be expensive to find cloud alternatives.


Powerful 3d Party Integrations

Leverage Cloud integration possibilities via API and 3d party applications to enhance your UCC capabilities. E.g. connect your contact center solution with MS Teams for a unified UX and increased productivity.

Damovo is your trusted partner for all flavours of Hybrid

A hybrid model can be a simple as adding vendor-native cloud and collaboration applications to your legacy on-prem PBXs.
For more complex integrations with leading cloud-first solutions like MS Teams or Webex, we can add cutting-edge intelligent routing capabilities to enhance the potential of your new hybrid UCC model.
We use high availability and resilient Session Border Controllers (SBC) between the PSTN and your hybrid UCC solution to route voice and video as suits your business needs.
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Damovo Value-Add

On Prem and Cloud Support

We can ensure all parts of your hybrid infrastructure are supported. From the legacy UCC estate to the integrated cloud solutions from MS, Webex etc. we have the highest accrediation and experience.

Bring your Carrier

We can enable you to extend you carrier relationship to your hybrid solution while also maintaining the flexibility to change contract in the future, ensuring cost efficiency.

Choose your Cloud

Pick the cloud hosting option that best suit your business model. We can support you whether it's hosting in your own data centre, using the Damovo data centre or hosting via public Azure/AWS Cloud.

Choose your SBC

We can provide a dedicated physical or virtual SBC for enhanced control, or for a cost-effective, scalable but secure and maintenance-free option you can choose our Multi-tenant virtualised platform.

Extended SBC services

Damovo has the specialists to enhance and extend the SBC functionality e.g. to connect Cloud CC voice to your UCC platform, provide call quality monitoring or add redundancy.

Support to suit you

Choose the level of support you need from our range of services – from break and fix, all the way through to fully Managed Services.

24/7 Service Desk
Expert Help, Anytime

Our dedicated team of experts is available around the clock to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your communication system.

Incident Management
Proactive Problem Solving

We proactively monitor your systems for potential problems, ensuring swift identification, prioritisation, and resolution of incidents to minimise downtime.

End-to-end Call Quality Monitoring
Crystal-Clear Communication

We continuously monitor your call quality to identify and address any issues that could impact clarity or performance, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Configuration and Fine-Tuning Security Functions
Uncompromising Security

We configure and manage security features within your Session Border Controller (SBC) to protect your communication infrastructure from evolving threats.

Change Management
Smooth Transitions

We follow a structured approach to manage changes to your communication system effectively, minimising risk and ensuring a smooth transition.

Release Management
Effortless Updates

We professionally manage software updates and upgrades for your infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition to the latest versions for optimal performance and security.

Our Offering

UCC On-Premises

Maintaining complete control over your communication infrastructure? UCC on-premise solutions offer a robust and secure platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Who trusts us

Additional Offering

UCC Cloud Solutions

Looking to embrace the Cloud Revolution? The move to Cloud-based UCC can be a game-changer, enabling seamless communication across devices and locations, empowering remote teams and improving productivity.

User Adoption

Empowering users, driving success: Our user adoption management programme is the key to unlock the full potential of your IT project.

How we support you

At Damovo, we deliver more than just technology. Our approach ensures your UC solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, empowers your workforce, and delivers lasting value.

UCC Phases
Phase Icon 1
1  Phase
Understand & Consult
We partner with you to understand your communication challenges and goals. This ensures a UCC solution tailored to your business.
Phase Icon 2
2  Phase
Our experts create a customised UCC blueprint, selecting the optimal tools and features for seamless integration with your existing systems.
Phase Icon 3
3  Phase
We expertly manage the UCC rollout, from hardware installation to data migration and user setup.
Phase Icon 4
4  Phase
We prioritise your success with ongoing support, proactive management, and user training.
Phase Icon 5
5  Phase
Through user feedback and usage analysis, we identify opportunities to further optimise your UCC solution, maximising its long-term value.

Driving innovation - for your future

In today’s world, digital transformation is the key to success. Actively shape your future with a partner for intelligent solutions. Optimise business processes and create strong customer loyalty with innovative products. Committed employees are the key to top performance. Discover the possibilities with us and promote an inspiring corporate culture through intelligent networking and innovative communication. 

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Improve Connectivity
Unified Communications

Your teams are working from home, on site and on the go. In this new world of work, we make sure secure, effective collaboration and communication is part of your business as usual.

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We Communicare
Contact Centre

Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and enable a unified experience across your contact channels with the latest contact centre technologies. Whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid, we will help you to be more efficient, increase sales, reduce costs, inspire your workforce and also maintain compliance.

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Connect Smarter, Grow Faster
Enterprise Networks

Make your network infrastructure the backbone of your business and a platform for growth. Partner with Damovo to unlock all aspects of digital business potential, achieving increased scalability and flexibility, which in turn leads to enhanced collaboration and improved customer experience.

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Beyond being compliant
Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is far more than being compliant – it must be part of your business strategy. With a comprehensive approach, we identify vulnerabilities and risks across technology, processes, and your workforce. This allows us to offer you recommendations for preventing or mitigating the specific risks you face, maximising your security posture.

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