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Enterprise Networks Solutions

Think about building a house. Without a decent foundation, a house will not stay in place, no matter how well it is built. Your network is this very foundation. If you don’t get the base right, then you could face problems in the future with stability, security and overall performance.

We will support you to plan, design, implement and operate intelligent network technologies that will empower a new generation of mobile users, maintain 100% network uptime, and ensure you stay in full control at a time of rapidly expanding demands on your systems.

Ensure 100% network uptime

Create an intelligent environment

Achieve end-to-end control

Create transparency through meaningful business intelligence

Maintain security and compliance

Are you ready to create an intelligent business environment?

Our solution portfolio at a glance:

Wi-Fi technology

The provisioning of a resilient, modern wireless network takes more than just putting up the access points. External influences including the environment, specific building construction and wireless alarm systems are only a few of the things that can impact the correct operational behavior of your Wi-Fi.

It is essential therefore to do a full site survey at both the beginning, and then post installation. This allows for further optimisation in a live environment, in order to achieve the best possible Wi-Fi service. This upfront investment combined with our expertise will result in a lower total cost of ownership in the long term. In this way, your network can also become a captive portal that delivers valuable customer insights and useful marketing information.

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Network infrastructure

It is no longer enough for your network to be simply available. It also needs to perform and to be secure. We create resilient platforms and services that ensure 100% network uptime, with a strong network, disaster recovery protection, and robust hybrid architecture from the access layer to the datacentre.

By delivering a software defined infrastructure, where hardware and software are less integrated, your environment will become more open and programmable – enabling you to adapt it to your business needs in a much more dynamic way.

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Network management

Staying in control of information in an increasingly connected world has become essential. It is crucial that you know exactly how your corporate assets are being accessed and utilised, and if you are meeting all your legal obligations, both at an industry and country level.

We will help you to limit risk, covering physical and remote access vulnerabilities by monitoring your network and services so you really know, at all times, how your information is being used. The focal point of decent network management includes automation and incorporates a higher level of network intelligence.

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Information Security

In today’s competitive markets, protecting the intangible assets of both your enterprise and that of your customers’ is vital. Establish solid and monitored barriers to unauthorized access in order to protect both your internal and public facing networks from malicious activity.

We can assist you in designing and implementing a multi-layered security topology, which will protect those assets, and monitor and manage it on a 24/7 basis.

Download Enterprise Networks overview

Why are we the right partner for you?

Over 50 years of experience in building and supporting resilient, intelligent, digital networks

The highest levels of accreditation with Cisco and Extreme

Global NOCs in Duesseldorf, Dublin, Warsaw and Brussels operating 24/7

Awarded as Leader in Network- Software Defined Solutions & Services 2019 by ISG

Awarded Cisco’s “Innovation Alliance Partner of the Year 2019”

Customer Voice

“DIT now has one of the fastest and most reliable network infrastructures of any third level institution in the country. Damovo has played an important and positive role in Dublin Institute of Technology’s move to Grangegorman and has improved connectivity, speed, availability and user experience across our entire network of campuses.”

“We are delighted with the Wi-Fi solution as it meets all of our requirements in full. Damovo is an experienced and competent partner and we’ve been more than impressed by their commitment and collaborative approach.”

"The Damovo solution will support us in our growth strategy and help increase our market share in the Belgian pharmacy market. A major reason for selecting Damovo was the fact that it was the only vendor that had a clear eye for advice and support with regard to employees and change management."

Do you have visibility of your complete network inventory and are you aware of the end of life and end of service dates of your network assets?