Enterprise Networks Solutions

Manual configurations, complex processes, security that is mainly focused on external threats, and isolated network domains all inhibit the network’s ability to support the goals of a digital business.

Valuable time is spent “keeping the lights on” instead of aligning network capabilities with strategic initiatives that improve operational efficiency and enhance usability and customer experience.

A network that is truly “digital ready” is one that enables more agility and faster time to go- live with better security and greater operational efficiency and simplicity. We will evaluate the readiness of your current network for digital initiatives. We will support you and apply the latest automation technologies to save time and money, whilst providing full transparency and risk mitigation through improved security. This will enable you to maintain full control of your network in a time of rapidly growing business-first network demands.

Maximize network performance and availablity

Create a secure, easily scalable, and cost effective intelligent network environment based on your business needs.

Achieve end-to-end network control & visibility

Embrace innovation without compromising on security

Are you ready for an intelligent, software driven business network environment?

Our solution portfolio at a glance:

Wi-Fi Technology

Wireless LAN has moved from being simply a ‘nice to have’. It is now ’the user’s primary connection with the enterprise network, supporting an ever increasing number of devices per user, often with high bandwidth demanding applications such as video and voice, as well as a growing number of Internet of Things endpoints. Each of these affects the network performance.

The provisioning of a resilient, modern wireless network therefore takes more than just installing a few access points. Increasing focus is now placed on the network assurance capabilities, concentrating more on supporting specific user experiences than on listed throughput, capacity or antenna specs.

We will plan, design, deploy, support and monitor your Wi-Fi according to your business needs.

We will also support you with network access management and security enforcing policies that will only grant network infrastructure access to compliant, authenticated and trusted endpoint devices. We will advise and support you on location and network analytics and security applications.

Enterprise Networks Portfolio

Network Infrastructure

Companies that want to innovate require an agile and intelligent network. Legacy infrastructure, outdated operations practices and traditional data centre architectures are not sufficient to meet the demands of today’s digital business. Organisations not only need to focus on uptime and availability of their network but also on capacity, usability, visibility, and security.

We will assess your network on its digital readiness and offer you a scalable platform, disaster recovery protection and a robust hybrid architecture from the access layer to the datacentre.

Our portfolio of innovative network managed services will keep your business running at all times.

Enterprise Networks Portfolio

Network Management

Staying in control of information in an increasingly connected world has become essential. It is crucial that you know exactly how your corporate assets are being accessed and utilised, and if you are meeting all your legal obligations, both at an industry and country level.

We will help you to limit risk, checking on vulnerabilities by monitoring your network and IT services so you really know, at all times, how your information is being used. The focal point of decent network management includes transparency, automation and incorporates a higher level of network intelligence.

Enterprise Networks Portfolio

Software Defined Networking

Automation, programmability, self-protection, and self-healing capabilities move IT away from merely just “keeping the lights on” and provide more time and opportunity to serve as a strategic partner to business initiatives across functional areas.

Software-defined architecture provides greater flexibility and speed with reduced complexity through abstraction, virtualization, and programmability.

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a specific application of Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections such as broadband internet, MPLS, LTE.

SD-WAN supports a cloud first strategy, allowing your branch offices to use cloud-services through local breakout in a secure way, while offering strong performance and guaranteeing the best applications availability. SD-WAN ensures that latency sensitive traffic like VoIP has the throughput and optimization it needs.

More on SD WAN

Information Security

Despite wide media coverage of various data vulnerabilities in recent months, information security is often regarded as an obstacle to the digital transformation process rather than an absolute necessity. However more and more compliance regulations, such as the NIS Directive (EU 2016/1148) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Parliament, need to be met.

The security and privacy aspects of every IT project therefore need to be considered as early as possible. With 50 years of experience, we recognize the risk of approaching information security as an add-on measure. This is why we have developed our “security & privacy by design” approach.

Damovo’s consultative approach ensures that security and privacy considerations are an integral part of the customer lifecycle journey – from conceptual design to project implementation and service operation. It’s intrinsic to all our propositions and services.

Enterprise Networks Portfolio

Why are we the right partner for you?

Over 50 years of experience in building and supporting resilient, intelligent, digital networks

The highest levels of accreditation with Cisco and Extreme

Extensive and established partner network 24/7 Global Network Operations Centres across Europe supporting over 1.9 million endpoints

Our in-house engineers achieved the highest security certification for the major vendors.

Awarded as Leader in Network- Software Defined Solutions & Services 2019 by ISG

Customer Voice

“DIT now has one of the fastest and most reliable network infrastructures of any third level institution in the country. Damovo has played an important and positive role in Dublin Institute of Technology’s move to Grangegorman and has improved connectivity, speed, availability and user experience across our entire network of campuses.”

“We are delighted with the Wi-Fi solution as it meets all of our requirements in full. Damovo is an experienced and competent partner and we’ve been more than impressed by their commitment and collaborative approach.”

"The Damovo solution will support us in our growth strategy and help increase our market share in the Belgian pharmacy market. A major reason for selecting Damovo was the fact that it was the only vendor that had a clear eye for advice and support with regard to employees and change management."

Avoid digital castles in the air with software-defined networks!

The increasing integration of digital technologies into business-critical processes places new demands on network behavior. How do you automate your network so that your resources can be focused on more strategic digital initiatives?

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