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Our customers are operating in an increasingly dynamic market environment. Digitisation presents not only new opportunities, but also dangers. In this new world digital transformation is vital for businesses in order to stay ahead and capitalize on the potential that is out there.

We respond to this by thinking and acting innovatively in the interest of our customers. Increasingly the provision of standardized solutions and services that guarantee secure operation is simply not enough! Our customers need more. We pride ourselves on the development of innovative and forward-looking solutions, tailored to the specific needs of the customer, that often go far beyond the standard portfolio of our most important partners.

You need a partner who will help you to stay two steps ahead of your competitors, and avoid unnecessary surprises in this dynamic market environment. That partner is Damovo: bringing you innovation and experience!

Jeff Mc Farlane

“Innovation is the basis for safeguarding future business success.”

Helping you understand your business

Here you will find innovative approaches that will enable you to present business-relevant information in a transparent and structured manner. These are typically analytics solutions or solutions with a visualization component.

Making your business and your people more efficient

The aim here is to identify innovative solutions whereby operational and strategic advantages can be achieved through better process flows. Typical examples of this are solutions based on automation.

Improving customer and employee experience

The innovative power of the solutions described here serves to create a positive user experience for employees and customers. Here, for example, we have developed new applications that complement the existing communications landscape and impress employees with their ease of use.

Enabling your business to be more flexible and agile

The focus of this category is on innovative concepts that improve agility. Examples of this are customer-specific applications developed to improve speed and conservation of resources.

Damovo Applications


Damovo ANPA is a solution for automatic, error-redundant re-cabling of existing or replaced network components.


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The Damovo Asset Collector provides a simple, scalable and automated network inventory.


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With Damovo's authentication process you can swiftly identify your customers during social media chat conversations - without having to change media channels.


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Chartify is an application for real-time data visualization - allowing you to enrich wallboards, and enhance information screens for employees or monitors in waiting areas with attention-grabbing animations.


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The Manager/Assistant app extends the ­existing Cisco Unified Communications ­Manager capabilities with this critical feature which is accessible through an intuitive user interface to your in-house directory.


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Damovo's Easy PnP+ application is a simple and scalable solution for creating device configurations.


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With the smartphone app “Damovo Mobile Meet” you can initiate and schedule Skype for Business Meetings on your mobile phone quickly and easily.


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