User adoption

Over 70% of all change initiatives fail.

An IT project is only successful if the users actively work with the new system.

The successful roll out of a new communication solution is an essential first step for further digitisation projects in the company and should therefore serve as a positive figurehead. Technically oriented environments often focus on the harder aspects of a rollout – including functionality, budget, schedule, and the realization of performance features in order to measure success. Soft factors around user adoption and employee acceptance are often ignored.

Damovo can help you ensure that your UCC project is successfully rolled out and accepted within your organization.

The combination of classical project management (for the measurable, hard factors) and acceptance management (for the soft factors, such as employee satisfaction) sets the course for project success. We offer a wide range of assistance from the early phases of a project through to regular acceptance checks after commissioning.

Change Management

To find out more about our acceptance management portfolio please contact:
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