Are you ready to tackle the complexities of the NIS2 directive and ensure your organisation's compliance?

The NIS2 Directive, a stringent cybersecurity mandate across the EU, looms closer. Complying with these regulations requires a commitment of time and resources, so avoid delaying until the last minute.

In our webinars, you will learn how to prioritise and implement the NIS2 requirements in 30-day sprints to meet the October 17, 2024 deadline. At the end of the whole series, you should have a detailed and actionable plan for addressing the most important measures on your NIS2 compliance journey.


Webinar host

Andrew Hay is the CISO for Damovo. He is a veteran in cybersecurity, and an expert in threat analysis and cyber strategy. He is an author of multiple books of advanced security topics and often provides insights on industry developments.



NIS2 webinar PART I

    In this webinar you’ll learn about: 

  • Security Policies – The documentation dictating how security operates and drives business requirements. 
  • Regular Assessments– The bare minimums that should be addressed to reduce your attackable surface area.
  • Third-Party Risk Management – Using IT risk assessments to baseline and measure the success of your cybersecurity program.



NIS2 webinar PART II

    In this webinar you’ll learn about: 

  • Risk Management – Understanding how to measure risk within your organisation to make informed and prioritised security decisions. 
  • Vulnerability Handling and Disclosures – Managing the vulnerability lifecycle from detection to reporting, patching, validation, and reporting. 
  • Third-Party Risk Management – Understanding how to assess third-party vendor, partner, and supplier supply chains to reduce inadvertent risk exposure



NIS2 webinar PART III

    In this webinar recording you’ll learn about: 

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Identifying areas of deficiency and prioritising mitigations accordingly.
  • Cryptography and Encryption – When and where to use encryption to secure organizational and client information.
  • Incident Handling and Reporting– Knowing how to handle an incident from start to finish and the associated reporting requirements for NIS2.