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Cisco Webex Contact Centre

Cisco Webex Contact Centre: Cloud-First for Innovation and Efficiency

Designed as a CCaaS solution, Webex Contact Centre offers a best-of-breed platform architecture. It provides your business innovation, flexibility, scalability, and agility, all without sacrificing security. As a cloud-based subscription, Webex Contact Centre enables rapid market entry and new revenue streams while minimising upfront capital investment. This ensures your business can quickly adapt and grow efficiently with minimal financial risk.

Your Benefits


Innovation and Flexibility

With the Webex Contact Centre cloud solution, you always have access to the latest features without the need for complex infrastructure updates.


Scalability and Agility

Scale your resources as needed and adapt quickly to changing market conditions to ensure the continuity of your business. A wide range of communication channels (WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messager, etc.) can be implemented quickly.


Enhanced Security

Robust security measures protect your sensitive customer data, ensuring compliance with industry standards and safeguarding against threats.


Cost Efficiency

The subscription model reduces the need for a large upfront investment and spreads costs over time.


Rapid Deployment

Quick setup and deployment enable your business to faster profit from an optimised customer service and enhancing competitive advantage.


Seamless Integration

Integrates smoothly with existing systems and other cloud applications, improving operational efficiency and enabling a unified customer experience across multiple channels.

Variety for your requirements

Whether you’re a startup setting up your first contact centre, a mid-sized business looking to improve your contact centre operations, or a large enterprise requiring transparency and control over multiple contact centre sites, Webex Contact Centre empowers you to shape the future of customer experience.

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From Phone to Social Media

Multi-channel capabilities enable comprehensive and flexible customer care, allowing you to respond efficiently to customer requests and provide a seamless communication experience.

Efficient Request Distribution

The Flow Builder enables efficient distribution of customer inquiries. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, flows can be created, edited and validated.

Supervisor Functions

Your supervisors have a real-time view of call volumes and agent activity at all locations and in all networks, as well as various options for monitoring and controlling interactions.

Flexible Recording Models

With the call recording module, authorised users can record calls in a wide variety of strategies and create recording schedules.

Minimise risks

The operation of the cloud application complies with the requirements formulated in ISO 27001:2013 and NIST 800-53 and is regularly audited accordingly.

Not just Contact Centres

Everything from a single source: Calling, meeting, chat, end devices, SBC, contact centre, management & analytics.

The full power of Webex

Contact centre agents can rely on the support of cross-departmental and functional experts – all with the goal of providing customers with a pleasant experience, from the start and every time. With the available Webex collaboration tools for messaging, calling, meetings and even headsets and phones, agents benefit from a common user experience. Administrators benefit from the easy management of contact centre and collaboration tools and users through the central Webex Control Hub.

Webex Suite
Comprehensive platform for collaboration

The Cisco Webex Suite is a comprehensive platform for collaboration that includes video conferencing, team messaging, calling and events. It enables seamless communication and real-time collaboration with high security standards. Cloud-based and easy to access, it also offers integrations with other applications to increase productivity.

Seamless integration for enhanced collaboration

Cisco offers a variety of endpoints for Cisco Webex, including Webex Room Kits for conference rooms, Desk Pro and Webex Desk for personal workstations, and Webex Board for interactive meetings. There are also Webex Desk Camera and Headsets for optimal video and audio quality. All devices are seamlessly integrated into the Webex platform and enhance collaboration.

Control Hub
Central management platform for administration

The Cisco Webex Control Hub is a central management platform for overseeing all Webex services and devices. It provides real-time analytics, insights into usage and performance, as well as administrative tools for security and compliance. With the Control Hub, administrators can efficiently manage users, devices, and licenses, optimising service quality.

Developer Platform
Customised solutions for your applications

Cisco Webex stands out with extensive interfaces and integration capabilities, supported by the Webex for Developers platform. This platform offers APIs, SDKs, and bots, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate Webex into other applications and create customised solutions to enhance collaboration.

Our Offering

Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

A cloud contact centre solution is a web-based customer service platform hosted on the cloud, providing flexible, scalable, and cost-effective customer interaction capabilities. With a CCaaS solution, businesses can benefit from the advantages of the cloud without having to worry about the installation, maintenance, and operation.

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Additional Offering

Contact Centre Consulting

We apply our many years of expertise in the planning and implementation of various contact centre solutions in a targeted and profitable way for you. We want to understand your individual requirements for a future CX solution and use them optimally in the solution-finding process.

On-Premise Contact Centre Solutions

With an on-premise contact centre solution, you install and operate all hardware and software in your own company. This gives you complete control over your customer data, the security of your systems, and the ability to customise to your specific needs.

Contact Centre Integrations

To ensure the best possible customer service can be delivered, integrated third-party solutions let your agents easily involve back-office workers, use available data from several systems, and streamline customer service processes.

How we support you

Unlock the potential of your contact centre with Damovo. We specialise in delivering seamless, end-to-end contact centre solutions tailored to your business needs.

CC Phases
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1  Phase
Understand & Consult
We begin by understanding your business needs and objectives, conducting thorough assessments to identify challenges and opportunities.
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2  Phase
Our experts create tailored solutions, designing contact centre architectures and workflows that align with your goals and optimise efficiency.
Phase Icon 3
3  Phase
We implement robust and secure solutions, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure while minimising disruption.
Phase Icon 4
4  Phase
We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your contact centre running smoothly, monitoring performance and addressing issues proactively.
Phase Icon 5
5  Phase
Continuously progressing, we analyse insights to refine strategies, enhance efficiency, and deliver superior customer experiences.

Driving innovation - for your future

In today’s world, digital transformation is the key to success. Actively shape your future with a partner for intelligent solutions. Optimise business processes and create strong customer loyalty with innovative products. Committed employees are the key to top performance. Discover the possibilities with us and promote an inspiring corporate culture through intelligent networking and innovative communication. 

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Improve Connectivity
Unified Communications

Your teams are working from home, on site and on the go. In this new world of work, we make sure secure, effective collaboration and communication is part of your business as usual.

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We Communicare
Contact Centre

Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and enable a unified experience across your contact channels with the latest contact centre technologies. Whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid, we will help you to be more efficient, increase sales, reduce costs, inspire your workforce and also maintain compliance.

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Connect Smarter, Grow Faster
Enterprise Networks

Make your network infrastructure the backbone of your business and a platform for growth. Partner with Damovo to unlock all aspects of digital business potential, achieving increased scalability and flexibility, which in turn leads to enhanced collaboration and improved customer experience.

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Beyond being compliant
Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is far more than being compliant – it must be part of your business strategy. With a comprehensive approach, we identify vulnerabilities and risks across technology, processes, and your workforce. This allows us to offer you recommendations for preventing or mitigating the specific risks you face, maximising your security posture.

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